Blackcurrants love Autumn… and so do we!

Oct 27, 2021

There is something extraordinary in the air at this time of year. A crisp autumn breeze, crackling log fires and amber leaves floating towards the ground make this picturesque season a favourite for many. 

Whilst we take a bit of adjusting to the colder weather, blackcurrant bushes love it! Cold spells ensure that the blackcurrants flower at the right time for optimum pollination. The bushes require approximately 2,000 cold hours (below 7c) before they grow buds in the spring. 

During November and the colder months, we also service and monitor nest boxes and increase food provisions for the birds, bugs and beasties. This is to encourage biodiversity and help our blackcurrants to thrive come the summer. 

It’s the season of brisk walks, beautiful warm amber hues, conker hunting, deer spotting, toasting marshmallows on the fire and more!

One of our favourite things to do during this season is to wrap up and catch that autumn sunset; nothing beats the golden light on the blackcurrant fields! Watching the seasons change across the fields during the year is a wonderful sight. We are very lucky to have amazing views of the British countryside all year round. 

This autumn we have spotted lots of wildlife. Busy hedgehogs, the sneaky fox and if we’ve been lucky, the occasional deer! We’ve also seen our feathered friends – barn owls, bats and migrating birds. Some of them have been taking refuge in our bird boxes placed one box per hectare of blackcurrants throughout the farms! Our grass headlands have been growing wild and free all summer and now make the ideal habitat for brown hares, grey partridges and other small creatures to lay their eggs in over the winter. 

Once the autumn adventures for the day have come to an end, there’s nothing better than returning home, putting on your favourite cosy jumper and nestling down with a dish to warm your cockles! 

We love to freeze our blackcurrants and serve them throughout the year with seasonal foods, and we think autumn might just have the best pairings, with apple and blackcurrant crumble coming in high on our list of favourites! Porridge topped with lashings of blackcurrants for a comforting breakfast that gets us ready for the day of adventures ahead is also one we can’t forget!

But there’s also rhubarb, pumpkin, brussel sprouts and pear! Head over to our recipes page to find more kitchen inspiration this autumn! 





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