How to Get Involved in Blackcurrant Day

Apr 29, 2022




Blackcurrant Day 2022: We’re ‘berry’ excited!


You’ll know by now that we’re bonkers about blackcurrants at The Blackcurrant Foundation. Last year, we took it upon ourselves to celebrate those little purple powerhouses with a national day all their own. It’s back on 15 July!

Read on to find out what it’s about, what we’ll be getting up to, and how you can get involved.

What is Blackcurrant Day?


As the name suggests, Blackcurrant Day is a designated day celebrating blackcurrants in all their glory. 

July marks the start of the UK blackcurrant harvesting season, and Blackcurrant Day is all about raising awareness of blackcurrant’s superfood status and the UK blackcurrant growing industry. Our aim is to unite blackcurrant growers and lovers everywhere and to inspire those who’ve never eaten those delicious purple berries to try them for themselves.


What will we be doing?


This July, we’re going all-in for the event. Our socials will be full of facts about blackcurrants and their health benefits – did you know that weight for weight, blackcurrants contain more Vitamin C than an orange?  

On the day, we’ll be live from the Herefordshire farm, sharing stories and insights on all things blackcurrant.


How can you get involved?


We’re so glad you asked. There are five ways to get involved in this year’s Blackcurrant Day. 

1. Get in the kitchen and share your favourite blackcurrant recipes

Everyone knows blackcurrants taste delicious, whether in a sweet or savoury dish! That’s why we have a whole recipe book on our website with recipes suitable for every occasion and palate. Their common ingredient: blackcurrants.

Do you have a recipe that’s not in our collection? We’d love to see your creations and try them for ourselves.


2. Pick your own blackcurrants  

Blackcurrant picking season is in full swing, and many blackcurrant farms across the country run pick your own (PYO) blackcurrant days. It’s a great opportunity for some family fun on the farm while showing the children where food comes from. Visit our grower gallery to find your nearest producer.


3. Share the blackcurrant love

As well as tasting delicious, blackcurrants have a wealth of well-being benefits. They’re packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, encourage gut health, and can even slow the ageing process!

Blackcurrant Day is all about raising awareness of the health benefits of everyone’s favourite purple berries. Have fun and share your knowledge with your friends, families, and wider networks. To find out more about blackcurrants’ super-food status, head to our list as long as blackcurrants blog.


4. Follow us on social media

Blackcurrant Day is our pride and joy, but we’re on socials all year around talking about the benefits to health and happiness brought by those little berries. Follow us on Instagram and share our content to spread the word about the Great British blackcurrant.


5. Prepare for Blackcurrant Day 2023!

 If you’d like to grow your own blackcurrants ready for next year, now’s the time to get planning. 

They’re hardy little plants, and really easy to grow, especially without much space, as they thrive in small containers as well as established beds. 

The Royal Horticultural Society gives details about how to grow your own blackcurrants. We’d love to see their progress from plant to produce!


Happy Blackcurrant Day!


However you choose to celebrate this Blackcurrant Day, make sure to share your stories with us #BlackcurrantDay #BlackcurrantFoundation



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