Christmas Gifting with Blackcurrants

Dec 12, 2022



Christmas is a time to exchange gifts as we express our love and appreciation for others, so why not give a gift this Christmas which is made with love, joy and a whole load of blackcurrants? Read on for some inspirations for a berry merry Christmas gift…


Blackcurrant Jam

Mmmm, a sweet, sharp and deliciously tangy treat to slather on to hot buttered toast or sandwich between two layers of sponge! Blackcurrants are the perfect fruit for making jam thanks to being naturally high in pectin, the agent required to make the jam set; therefore, you don’t need to add any in addition.

Try our Apple and Blackcurrant Jam here.


Blackcurrant Chutney

With chutney being a festive season essential, it’s the ideal condiment to add a fruity blackcurrant twist. Pair with pate, pork pies or cheese and hunks of crusty bread for the ultimate addition to a Boxing Day spread.

Try our Blackcurrant Spiced Chutney here or our Blackcurrant Compote here.



Refreshing and bursting with the flavour of juicy blackcurrants, a Blackcurrant Cordial is so versatile over the winter months! It can be enjoyed hot for a warming and relaxing moment of berry bliss, or it can be topped up with soda or tonic (+ a favourite gin of choice) for a celebratory tipple! 

Try out Blackcurrant Shrub here.



When it comes to a blackcurrant liqueur, we can only recommend the wonderful British Cassis! Crafted with blackcurrants grown in the fields of a Herefordshire farm, this natural fruit liqueur is rich and full-bodied. Freshly picked British blackcurrants are allowed to ferment naturally with champagne yeast, blended with vodka to fortify and a little sugar to bring out the intensely fruity flavours.

Shop British Cassis here or find it in your local Waitrose.



Level up those winter salads with a Blackcurrant Dressing that pleases all the tastebuds from sweet to sour! This concoction also pairs incredibly well with meat, poultry and game. Why not gift a beautiful dressing drizzler with this too? We love these ones from Borough Kitchen.

Try our Blackcurrant Dressing here.

Inspired by our blackcurrant gifting and now ready to make your own? Order your blackcurrants for delivery to your door from British Frozen Fruits here, or look out for them in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket.


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