Enjoy summer with blackcurrants…

Jul 12, 2022

Make the most of blackcurrant season this summer


 Great British Summertime is blackcurrant season. It’s short and sweet, so make sure you enjoy everyone’s favourite purple berries while you can. Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate blackcurrants into a healthy, happy, fun-filled summer. It’s time to tickle those taste buds!


 Add a blackcurrant twist to your summer salads


Summer means long evenings spent outdoors and an abundance of fresh ingredients. Stodgy plates of winter food make way for light summer salads and delectable delights.


Whether used as a key ingredient, or as a distinctive vinaigrette, blackcurrant with its tart-sweet flavour makes the perfect addition to a summer salad bowl. Some of our favourite recipes include blackcurrant vinaigrettevenison salad with blackcurrant dressing, and blackcurrant, mozzarella, and tomato salad. Yummy.


Summer fruit sweet treats and snacks on-the-go


A delicious fruit salad, summer berry smoothie, or fuss-free blackcurrant granola bar is sure to hit the spot and help you stay healthy this summer.


Packed full of vitamin C and micronutrients, blackcurrants are our very own superfood. Besides their delicious taste, they help you stay well, and boost good bacteria in your gut (Bifidobacterium) meaning you can stay active longer. Go get ‘em.


Elevate your summer soirees with the taste of blackcurrant 


Did someone say BBQ or picnic lunch? Next time you get outdoors, include blackcurrants in your delicious BBQ dishes and sides for a juicy bite to eat. 


Our selection of scrumptious summer recipes show that – no matter the occasion – it’s better with blackcurrants.


Our favourites include a summer potato salad, a picnic terrine, and a goats cheese and blackcurrant tart. And for afters – how about a refreshing blackcurrant sorbet?


Summer fruit cocktails (for over 18s)


Think of summer sunshine, and it’s likely your mind will drift poolside with a glass of something sparkling. Whether you’re enjoying a sun-soaked holiday abroad, a BBQ with friends, or relaxing outdoors with a good book, one of our summer suggestions will brighten your day.


Enjoy a classic Pimms with a handful of juicy purple berries. A delicious sangria with a blackcurrant garnish. Or a twist on an old favourite. This delightful blackcurrant and vanilla mojito is divine – the fruity combination of blackcurrant, mint, lime, and vanilla works every time.


Blackcurrants: A summer staple


As you can see, there’s so much more to blackcurrants than a certain purple cordial! They’re a delicious home-grown addition to every summer store cupboard.


Want more summer recipe inspiration? Head to our recipes page – you won’t be disappointed.




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