Edward Keene

My name is Edward Keene and I’m a second generation blackcurrant grower. Today my father, myself and nephew are involved in the growing of these magic little berries.

How long have you been growing blackcurrants?

62 years!

What varieties do you grow and in what region?

We grow WM Gairn, Hope, Vane, Starav, Alder, Tirran.

How much do you harvest annually and where do they go?

Let’s just say that we harvest a lot of these little berries and all of them go to Ribena.

Do you produce anything yourself with the fruit?
We don’t. We focus on growing the best berries we can to make the well-known blackcurrant drink!
What else do you grow?
Cider, apples, wheat, OSR, Beans.
Why do you love growing blackcurrants?
Being part of a supply chain which works closely with customer for the benefit of all.
Can you give one tip that people could benefit from when growing blackcurrants?

Keep them well pruned.

Can you tell us about some of the ways in which you manage the land sustainably?

Keeping grass alleyways between rows to hold and enhance soil.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy blackcurrants?
The blackcurrant drink beginning with R!
If you were a blackcurrant artist what genre of art do you think best represents you in your growing approach and why?

Landscape – we are proud of our farm and the way it looks.