Blackcurrant Summer Pudding

Serves 12 

1 loaf (600g) Thinly sliced brioche or white bread

800g Blackcurrants 

150g Caster sugar 

100ml Cassis (Optional) 

½  Lemon juice and zest to garnish 

150ml Cream lightly whipped 

3 tbsp Lemon curd 

9 inch cake tin 


Put the blackcurrants, sugar, lemon juice and 100ml water into a pan and bring to a simmer, allow to bubble for 5 minutes until you have plenty of juice from the berries.  

Pour everything into a strainer over a bowl, leaving the fruit to drip for 10 minutes before stirring the cassis into the juices, if you are using it. 

Line your cake tin with cling film then quickly dip the bread slices into the juices and do a single layer on the base of your lined 9 inch cake tin. 

Spoon over ½ of the fruit then repeat with more soaked brioche and another layer of fruit. Finish with one more layer of soaked bread. 

Cover with cling film and leave overnight in a tray to set. The tray will catch any liquid that seeps out. 

Lightly whip the cream and then fold in the lemon curd and zest 

Flip the cake tin over onto a serving platter and carefully remove it to reveal the cake.

Top with the lemon cream, fresh blackcurrants and lemon zest.