Vitamin C & Eye Health

Can blackcurrants help my eyesight?

Scientists have discovered that dietary antioxidants play an important role in maintaining eye health and vision, particularly in preventing cataract.

Cataract is a common degenerative eye disease and is associated with getting older. It results from the build-up of oxidised proteins in the lens of the eye, which prevents light from entering.

Some antioxidants like vitamin C have been found to reduce the risk of cataract, but whether or not the other blackcurrant antioxidants offer similar protection is not yet known.

In a scientific study on humans, blackcurrant juice containing anthocyanins helped the volunteers’ eyes to adjust to darkness better.

This reduced the feeling of ‘tired eyes’ whilst working at a computer screen (1). However, a similar study using bilberry anthocyanins did not reveal the same results (2).

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